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Great Tips For Your New Home

Rohan Builders is responsible for developing the grand project called Rohan Leher Phase 3 at Baner, Pune. This group of builders has been credited with a wide range of residential projects in the prominent parts of the city. Pune is at the centre of numerous upcoming projects, IT industries and other commercial undertakings from all around the world. It is continuously being chosen as a major city for new projects and businesses.

Spread over a vast space, this serene complex easily accessible from major commercial points in the city. It is located in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood yet easily connected to the city through taxis and buses. These residential spaces are designed to meet the needs of the home owners. With a promise of a luxurious life within the city limits, this residential complex is one place to indulge in.

 Key features and facilities on offer

2 BHK variants of apartments have been planned to be constructed in this extravagant residential project. These spacious segments of edifices are available in the sizes ranging from 748 square feet to 753 square feet. Spread on a total land area of 1.5 acres, this development is spacious and provides plenty of privacy. Along with spacious and well-designed sets of apartments, it also provides a spectacular view with a natural surrounding and lots of greenery. People looking for a break from their every day will find themselves immersed in the bliss and comfort of nature.

A plethora of activities are on offer for the convenient of the residents. Facilities for sports and other essential services are available to make life easy for both adults and kids. Security services such as video surveillance are also available for the safety of the gated community.

Location and Pricing

Rohan Leher Phase 3 Pune project is located nearby several essentials services such as entertainment and social hubs, hospitals, banking facilities, reputed schools and colleges. It has immediate access to Nande-Balewadi road, Baner road, and other important highways. This residential depiction is in close proximity to central Pune city. It is a 10 minutes drive from Balewadi and 30 minutes from Shivajinagar. It is well-connected to other parts of the city via taxis and buses.

Great idea for apartment bedrooms

unduhan (8)The bedroom. It’s where all the magic happens. But all too often, this private space ends up being everything but the peaceful oasis it was meant to be. Do you walk into your bedroom and immediately feel overwhelmed or frustrated because it’s in such disarray? Well, your bedroom is supposed to make you feel the exact opposite. At peace. Calm. Fulfilled.

With TVs, laptops, tablets and phones, most of us are connected 24/7, even in bed. But it’s time to block out all the noise and focus on you and that special someone, even beyond Valentine’s Day. These appealing, magazine-worthy apartment bedrooms might inspire you to focus a bit more on where you get your beauty rest.

The bedroom is the last place you want to feel cramped and disorderly. You cannot expect to have an intimate, restful space if it’s nothing but a cluttered room of shame. Keep things as simple as possible. If you can add color to your bedroom, go beyond the predictable white or neutral colors. In this Beverly Hills master suite, the purple accent wall stands out but it isn’t too overwhelming.

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Blue is calming, soothing color, so it’s no wonder that using this hue in the bedroom will actually help you to fall asleep! Studies show that, when surrounded by this favorite color, you’re more likely to wake up happy. No more feeling blue!

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Next to blue, yellow is another color that lends itself to a good night’s sleep. When paired with a neutral like gray in this Woodbridge, NJ apartment community, it won’t overpower your room.

A big, soft bed is an absolute must. Seriously. Invest in a good quality mattress, sheets and pillows. You won’t regret it.

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If your bedroom is big enough for a bed, nightstand and dresser, that’s a great start. But if your space can stand it, push the envelope by adding an unexpected piece. Think of it as another opportunity for you to sit, read, tie your shoes, or whatever. Ottomans, accent chairs and benches will serve your sophisticated bedroom well.

Natural light in the bedroom is far greater than any lamp. Not only does it beautifully illuminate the space, but the extra warmth can reduce the need to constantly crank up the heat!


When it comes to optimising security outside and inside your home, there are a whole host of security systems that will allow you to protect and secure your property in a way that should deter criminals from trying to break in.

Thanks to advances in technology, there are now a number of state of the art security systems that will provide peace of mind that sufficient measures are in place to protect your property and your belongings whether you’re are at home or away.

fter all, if you invest in high performance security systems, statistically you’ll be less likely to become a victim of burglary.

When it comes to choosing security systems for private homes, it’s important that you find a system that meets your exact requirements, including your budget, preferences, the level protection you need, and the size of your property.

So we’ve created a helpful guide outlining some of the best security systems for private homes…

Wireless Burglar Alarm

If you’re looking for a high-performance burglar alarm that also looks aesthetically pleasing, a wireless burglar alarm is a great option. But that’s not all… wireless burglar alarms are also easy to install, easy to navigate, and call upon smart battery powered sensors that communicate with a control panel using radio signals.

Bells-only Burglar Alarm

A bells-only burglar alarm is a great option for optimising security in private homes.

When a bells only alarm is triggered, it instantly sounds a loud bell, which often scares off intruders whilst alerting other people in the area that an intruder is attempting to break into your property.

However, one of the main disadvantages associated with this type of alarm is that, when the alarm is triggered, it doesn’t automatically alert the police.

With this in mind, it’s certainly worth thinking about the type of neighbourhood you live in – are you surrounded by neighbours who you would trust to call the police or do you have friends living near by who would take the necessary action should your alarm sound?

Speech Dialler

This practical device will provide you with further peace of mind that, should an intruder attempt to break into your home, you will be alerted straight away.

A speech dialler is an innovative device that is built into or connected to your existing alarm system. When your alarm is triggered, the speech dialler device will attempt to call or text you to let your know that your alarm is going off.

Key holder monitoring service

You could also invest in a key holder monitoring service if you are regularly out of the area or take frequent holidays. This service involves a either company responding itself if your alarm sounds, or contacting a nominated key holder if your alarm is triggered.